pyboard D 系列开发板正式发布

MicroPython 官方近日正式发布了 pyboard D 系列开发板,同时发售的还有配套的底板和扩展板。
pyboard D 系列开发板基于STM32F7,除了兼容之前的 pyboard 功能外,还带有2个QSPI 闪存、蓝牙、WiFi、WBUS扩展接口等。


STM32F722IEK microcontroller
216 MHz Cortex M7 CPU with single-precision hardware floating point
512KiB internal flash ROM and 256KiB internal RAM
2MiB external QSPI flash with execute capabilities to extend internal flash
Additional 2MiB external QSPI flash for user filesystem and storage
Integrated, high-performance WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 (classic and BLE) via Murata 1DX module (with CYW4343)
TCP/IP and Bluetooth stacks run on the main microcontroller, fully customisable
On-board fractal chip antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth
uFL connector for attaching external antenna, selectable via RF switch
Micro USB connector for power and serial communication
Micro SD card slot, supporting standard and high capacity SD cards
Real time clock with highly accurate pre-calibrated external oscillator
Physical electrical connectivity via 24 through holes, and a 40+40 pin mezzanine bus connector
46 independent GPIO, with 24 available via through holes
Additional 11 GPIO shared with SD card, USB, USR button, BT audio
2x I2Cs, 4x UARTs, 3x SPIs, 1x CAN interfaces
3x 12-bit analog to digital converters (ADC), available on 16 independent pins
2x 12-bit digital to analog converters (DAC), available on 2 independent pins
1x 3-colour RGB LED
1 reset and 1 user button
On-board 3.3V LDO voltage regulator to supply main microcontroller
Additional, user switchable, on-board 3.3V LDO voltage regulator to power SD card and external components
2 mounting points
Custom DFU bootloader for easy upgrading of firmware

4G EMMC扩展板



目前这些产品已经可以在 MicroPython 官方的线上商店购买到。